Sunday, December 19, 2010

The 12 Things of Christmas that are Such a Pain to Me


I get this thought in my head that I'd actually buckle down and do some real work on the weekend and a bunch of shit happens.
First, this Christmas thing is slowly drawing near and I only just got my shopping down yesterday.
Second, is having to work around the house and run around the place to get everything perfect, according to my parent's standards.
Third is a nagging cold that makes doing things seem worthless. But here I am, trying.

This is what I've come up with. A lot of this is written down on paper, so I'll have to transcribe it ASAP. But for now, here is the Cliff notes:

Warforged Campaign: I've yet to name it, but I'm sure it'll name its self eventually. But the building mechanic is pretty much done, while the modular memory is like 75% done. I just have to flesh it out and write down skill synergies. I figured you would need X amount of data where X is the rank of the skill you already have to the either 2nd or 3rd power. It'll take a little working with to get it right. I have to find the perfect formula.

Amateur Surgeon: I decided to make this a 5 level Prestige Class. To enter, you need to have at least 8 ranks in Heal and 4 Ranks in Craft. I may add something like a skill trick or a feat to that list. In essence, you'll be able to heal people without any tools on you as long as you have access to certain items. I.E. Use a dagger to preform incisions, a torch to cauterize wounds, yarn to stitch wounds, and a turkey baster to extract poison. You'll become more resistant to "Weird", I.E. Magical Diseases and you'll also gain contacts who can give you body parts to preform transplants. And finally, you'll get to literally become a back alley surgeon. Setting up base and operating wherever you like.

Manipulator: I had sort of an epiphany with this guy. He originally got the power to manipulate people, himself, and objects to do extraordinary things. I'm gonna drop objects, limit self, and focus on people. It's a psionic base class, FYI. Basically, you'll get a "Mental Link" ability. This allows you to get into people's minds, read their thoughts, and then control them and make them do things based on the abilities you have. But the mental link is taxing and at times can be fatal. And some powers require you expend your psionic focus to use them, which you need at all times or have one of the mental drawbacks come and bite you in the ass. Drawbacks are things that manipulators get for being able to manipulate themselves. Control yourself and control others philosophy. But a mental drawback has occurred, which can make them do everything from not letting them walk through a doorway without an invitation, to attacking themselves with a weapon if they pick it up and intend to use it. They can range from benign to fatal and can actually change from time to time. Get used to one drawback and a new one pops up.

Those are all my notes right now, except for some Xenotheurgic stuff, which I don't plan to get into just yet.

I keep saying this, I keep promising, I keep doing this, but I swear. Before vacation on wednesday, I'll have something.


  1. All things come in time, just don't make promises on a time frame you can't keep. :P Don't worry though, I can wait.

  2. P.S. could you add "switch off Captcha" to your list?

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  4. I used to be excited for the winter. Now I'm not :P

  5. manipulator sounds the most interesting... manipulators be manipulatin'

  6. I think the worst thing about Christmas is being all the presents -_-'

  7. I refuse to do any Christmas shopping until after Christmas.
    Manipulator sounds awesome, by the way