Saturday, December 11, 2010

i - Introduction

Well, I finally decided to start a blog. At first, I thought I would just stick all of my writings here. Novels and the such, but then I got the notion of using it for something different: Homebrew. Dungeons and Dragons, D20 Modern, Pathfinder, whatever the system I'll put it here, whether for my players to refer to for our games or the random wanderer who find it interesting and wants to use it. And hey, if you do use it, go on and spread the word. That's all I'm asking. Now down to the nitty gritty.

Current Project:

  1. Post Re-Animator Class (Note to Self: Take what has been done already and condense it into a prestige class)
  2. Post Thanaturge Class (Note to Self: Still a work in progress, make sure to wrap it up and give credit to inspiration for it)
  3. Warforged Campaign To Be Named (Note to Self: Find notes and transcribe; "Morphing Memory"; Warforged Building Mechanic)
  4. Kingdom Campaign To Be Named (Note to Self: Where the hell did you put those notes?)
I'll tackle the list as best I can and get everything together.

[14:36] Yeneeko: Well, besides it being a "morphing" memory type of deal. Giving enhanced skills depending on the type of data inputted into it, like combat skills or basic rolls skills. The plusses could be this: The Morphing memory morphs every 20 terabytes of data inputed into it. Giving the warforged the ability to self upgrade. The Warforged is awarded 3 points (Or whatever basic amount of points twards feats and what not as a normal level up is given) to improve himself/herself upon. Memory curculation: As the memory is complied, the memory orders it in an easy to access data container, allowing the Warforged to better handle himself in combat, or during checks. +1/+2/+3 per every two memory morphs on each priority stat.
[14:37] Yeneeko: Now for the minuses:
Warforged assimulation: As is, the morphing memory is constantly assimilating with the Warforged, were as it's very hard, if not impossible to remove. The Warforged current memory cell cannot be agumented or removed by any normal means without killing the warforged.
[14:38] Yeneeko: You can build on that, thats just some stuff I thought up on the spot. you're much better at that kinda stuff then me. But hey, I just gave you a pretty neet idea right?

So basically, it'll go like this: The Warforged's memory cell dictates what and who it is. At the core is the personality, the thing that makes the particular Warforged unique and different then others. Warforged learn new things by experiencing it. They'll still get new class features as they level up, but they get their skills and feats a little differently then normal. At first level, they'll sort of be a blank slate. They'll get +0 to their saves, attack bonuses, initiative, and have no skill ranks. They get better as they learn more and succed. A success on any sort of check or save is equal to a single terrabyte of data as the Warforged learns and takes into its self. Even a failure can lead to more data, but not as much. Let's say for example, a Warforged goes into combat. During combat, he attacks X times and hits. That's equal to X terrabytes of data. At the end of combat, the Warforged complies that data and learns from it. How to attack better and hit with more accuracy. He then recieves a bonus to his Attack bonus. This goes for skills, saves, and the such. As the warforged learns more, the Memory cell morphs and allows for more data to be stored. There is a limit to how much a Warforged's memory cell can hold, but it's extremely high. In esssence, the Warforged creates and runs programs to help it in it's daily life based on the data it collects, whether good or bad from what it experiences


  1. Awesome, you started a blog! Well, could I request something? Can you put up the Morphing memory updates for the item I had mentioned too you? I'd love to see how you've fleshed it out so far. Thanks man for following me too. :) I'll sure be following you!

  2. Woo. Can't wait to see some of those projects get progress, and maybe you can even join us on Minecraft at some point.